we got a cat!

We have a new member of the family adding to the excitement this year: Peter the cat! 

I would have never gone looking for a cat...but we happened to meet Peter and it was love at first sight. He needed a home, and Willa REALLY wanted a cat... I have to admit, I kinda did too. He's been with us two weeks now and overall it's going well. Willa's fed him every single one of his meals (yay chores/responsibility/family contribution!). He and Bryna (our dog) get along pretty well and have been playing together. We put in a cat door to prevent Bryna from eating his poop. You know, we're adjusting. Biggest negative: he's pretty into a flying jump to attack our curtains which is putting holes in them. Not cool, Peter. Not cool.

My main argument for getting Peter was that we should always be open to new life experience. (That, and, he's cute.) But so far it definitely has been just that. Lots of new excitement around the house. And litter box adventures. Welcome, Peter!