kindergarten, check.

Somehow, we're already one-third of the way through the summer break. Seems like it just started. I mean, I just went to the pool for the first time with all three kids. But summer is, indeed, in full swing. And kindergarten is in Willa's rear-view mirror.

I am extremely proud of Willa and everything she accomplished and experienced in the past year. She was brave, determined, adaptable, and enthusiastic. She made friends and formed meaningful relationships with teachers. She did most of her homework. 

The year ended with a slew of activities and celebrations. It was busy but fun. I love Willa's genuine desire to participate in all school functions (even when her family might be just slightly less energetic!).

^^willa performed a solo ballet dance for the school talent show. i was surprised at how big the audience was! many of the kids did group dances, but she just went out there on her own and danced to the music from the nutcracker. cam wanted to congratulate her with ice cream sandwiches from the grocery store across the street! or, perhaps, he just wanted one!^^

^^field dan! dan and cameron went to cheer her on.^^

^^kindergarten graduation! i must admit, i don't entirely understand the "point" of having a graduation from kindergarten (i imagine there's some history here and it hasn't been phased out entirely?) but it certainly was fun for all of us. willa and her classmates had rehearsed their songs for months. my personal favorite was to the tune of taio cruz's "dynamite." WE WILL GRADUATE, CUZ WE'RE DYNAMITE! anyhow. it was a nice way to bring the year to a close, and i appreciated having the opportunity to see and thank all the teachers, administrators, and staff who had an influence on willa during the year.^^