food and festivities in california!

We traveled to Marin, California last week for Thanksgiving! There was obviously fantastic food, but we also enjoyed pleasant weather, good workouts, a great children's museum, and a trip to the beach. 

The kids were so so so excited about the trip. Everything about it: taking the light rail, flying on a "blue airplane" (Cameron), going overt he Golden Gate Bridge, seeing Grandpa's house, eating pie, playing in the ocean waves... We had a really nice trip:

^^We spent a morning at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. It was fantastic. Cameron was pretty tired from traveling the day before, but Willa loved exploring several of the exhibits. There was tons of outdoor space between each activity, as well as an outstanding playground. Not to mention a view of the Golden Gate Bridge! When we got there, the parking lot was quite crowded, but there seemed to be plenty of room inside the gates; nothing seemed overcrowded. I definitely recommend going if you have kids and are in the area! 

^^After the museum, we went to lunch at fish. in Sausalito and enjoyed fish sticks, Brussels sprouts, Dungeness crab, Ballast Point beers, and no kids' cups on that picnic table picture above. It was delicious and tasted like vacation. 

^^Thanksgiving! Pie was delicious. Everything else was, too. Cameron particularly enjoyed the cranberry sauce. Eaten with his hands. I'm not sure what Willa's favorite was...probably the popovers!

^^The day after Thanksgiving, the rest of the crew went to play golf, and so I embarked on an adventure with the littles. We went to Muir Beach on Highway 1. It was quite the drive to get there (I got carsick even while driving!) but it was well worth it. It was a cloudy, cool morning, which made the beach feel even more Pacific Northwest-y than usual, I'd imagine, which was just fine by me. Willa had so much fun running in the waves and collecting sea shells. Cameron was tentative at first, but after a bit he asked me to take off his shoes and he started to be more adventurous. Despite my efforts to get us out of the water early, we still got pretty cold. And sandy! But it was a lot of fun for all three of us.

^^Our last night, we went to Burmatown to celebrate since three of us have November birthdays! Unfortunately the picture with Willa in it is terrible, so we'll go with this one instead :)