vacation spot :: middlebury, vermont

We went to Vermont for a summer vacation in 2016. Two years ago!

It was an absolutely fantastic place for a summer vacation with friends. But I never blogged about it because we had so much fun and did so many things that I had too many pictures and I totally overwhelmed myself trying to figure out how I should organize them. #excuses

You, too, should probably go to Vermont for a vacation. Now keep in mind that I am definitely bias, since I went to Middlebury College and I met Dan there along with many of my closest friends. And I got married there! But still. Vermont is pretty rad. And Middlebury and the surround area makes for an excellent family vacation spot. Hear me out:

It's beautiful. Ya know, Green Mountain State and all!
We stayed at a house on a dirt road just outside of town. The views from the house were spectacular. The deep green of humid summer is always magnificent. The town, too, is picturesque. Between the old buildings, the college campus, Marble Works and the falls...there are many breathtaking views to take in.


There's pizza. 
Have you ever seen an American Flatbread pizza in the freezer section at Whole Foods and other groceries? They are arguably the best frozen pizzas available, and they are from Vermont. There's a Flatbread restaurant in Middlebury and it is nothing short of sensational. Great pizza, salad, and beer along with ample green space for the kids to explore before or after the meal.

There's other good food, too. 
Vermont has a great food scene. Farm-to-table is certainly not a new concept there. From the fancy to the creemee (soft serve ice cream), you won't be disappointed. 

The Middlebury Bagel Deli is an absolute MUST for breakfast. The bagel egger sandwich is a given, and you need to get some donuts too. Don't worry, you'll go do something active later (see below).

You can swim and hike!
There are numerous lakes to swim in and mountains or hills to hike. No matter what your desired exertion level, you can achieve it in Vermont! We opted for a couple of nature walks with the kids, and a day at Lake Dunmore. 


There are places in the world that have a profound impact on our lives. They become a part of who we are. For me, Middlebury is one of those places. It was truly special to spend a week there with my family and our great friends.

And I am glad I finally blogged about it.