On Saturday afternoon, we hit up Local 46 for their first annual Oktoberfest.

Who doesn't like an Oktoberfest celebration? I can be a naysayer about many things, but even I can't find anything wrong with celebrating the coming of fall with beer and brats, friends and music.

We got there around 5:15pm, and the festivities were in full swing. There were kids everywhere. It was most definitely a "family-friendly" event, but there were several childless groups as well. The event was to benefit Centennial Elementary, so it was great to see so many local kids running around. So much great energy!

Local 46 was serving a variety of superb fall beers, including some from Prost Brewing, a Denver microbrewery that specializes in German beers. I first tried their flagship beer, a German Pilsner, which was very drinkable and perfect for a late summer afternoon. I have to try some of their other beers at some point - looks like they have lots of good ones. To go along with the beer, they were serving Continental Sausages -- we tried an elk sausage and a smoked sausage. Both were delicious, but the buns they were served on were not. Why is it, when serving food, someone decides to take a great item and put it together with a mediocre one? Not smart. But minus the buns, they were quite enjoyable.

Willa's favorite part of the event was the bocce court. She kept making her way over there, even if there was a game going on. And I couldn't believe how well she lifted up those bocce balls. She's getting strong. Someday we'll play bocce together for real. But in the meantime, we did some dancing and work on her jumping. She's determined to get her feet off the ground, but hasn't had any success yet.

If you missed Oktoberfest, just go check out Local 46's biergarten when you have a chance. It's a fantastic outdoor space for lounging, laughing, and enjoying a beer with family or friends.

Lastly but not least, I want to wish my Dad a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A post about Oktoberfest is not not fitting, so I am dedicating this one to him. Love you, Dad! Cheers!