recently enjoyed moments

Life has been really good lately.

Life is always good, and often really good, but lately things have just been comfortably wonderful. Good food, family, fun outings, a lovely new house we're settling into... I feel very lucky. Very happy. And even more are ahead: we have good friends coming to visit for the long weekend. And we got a new table so we can dine al fresco. I'm tellin' ya, so much goodness. Happy Labor Day weekend!

{denver brick. always makes my eyes happy.}

{beer tasting at odell brewery in fort collins // note the bib in my hand. classy.}

{gnocchi at root down.}

{"happier hour" with littles at BookBar}

{hiking at white ranch park in golden, co}

{these pancakes for weekend breakfast}

{a trip to the botanic gardens with nana and bobo. // photo by my mom.}

{vintage shopping. i just had to make her sit in the car, and i'm so glad i did.}