girls' trip to seattle

Where oh where has the last month gone? It was just April, but now May is nearing it's end? Things have been happening. Lots of doing. Lots of comings and goings. Lots of sleeping.

Perhaps most exciting of those things was a trip to Seattle during the last week of April. My mom, Willa, and I flew out to the sunny PNW for a week. (Yep, it was mostly sunny!) The goals were pretty simple: food, fun, family, and friends. We accomplished pretty much all of that, and more. It was wonderful visiting some of our favorite places and showing them to Willa for the first time. Not to mention it was fantastic having my mom's help with Willa because, in case you didn't know, traveling with a toddler is exhausting. Thanks mom!

^^greens and blues. really nothing won't grow in seattle.^^

^^seattle: where even the highchairs are hip. (@ skillet diner)^^

^^brunch at café presse on capitol hill^^

^^BFF. dressed up. lake washington views.^^

^^ladies who love seattle. and each other.^^

^^i love denver. but there are no views like this in colorado.^^

^^afternoon at the aquarium.^^

^^din tai fung, u-village. where i learned that not only do they have the best XLB ever, they also have the best kids' plates ever. but they are not for sale. i asked.^^


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