almost there :: 38 weeks

The past month of pregnancy has felt the fastest of all. Most likely because we've been distracted by the craziness of moving. Moving at 35 weeks was definitely not ideal, but at least there were no question marks about how helpful I'd be lifting boxes. Unpacking has been a challenge; I empty one box and then feel completely spent. But we're making progress "nesting" in our new family home. It feels like a wonderful place to welcome home our third child. 

I've been feeling a few twinges of action in my belly, so maybe this baby will arrive before it's due date? Although if I were someone who bets, I wouldn't put money on it! 


^^36 weeks + a really, really good breakfast burrito from dos santos^^

How far along? 
38 weeks.

How big is the baby?
The size of a leek, apparently. Not that easy to conceptualize. Hopefully it's at least 5 pounds. Maybe 6? 

Total weight gain/loss?
30 something pounds...I'm done paying attention! 

Maternity clothes?
Most of the clothing I have is too tight these days, but I'm making do with a few pairs of maternity pants and sweatpants. Thankfully it's gotten a bit cooler lately so I can enjoy leggings and sweaters instead of all dresses all the time.

It's pretty hard to get comfortable lately, but overall I've been sleeping ok. Of course there are an excessive number of bathroom trips each night. But it's all training for when the baby comes, right?

Best moment this week?
We met with our doula, Liv, today, which was great. This is my first time having a doula...I'm looking forward to having the extra support and attention. My second labor felt so much harder than the first, and so I anticipate this time being even more challenging. With everything we've had going on lately, I haven't been thinking about the upcoming excitement as much as I should, so meeting with Liv was very helpful. 

Immobile is my primary feeling. It's so hard to get around; to bend over, to stand up, to pick up the kids, to fit through spaces. The nausea is thankfully 99% gone, but it still hits me at bedtime some nights. I've had lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and a few that felt slightly more painful. I have some back pain and a bizarre case of itchy skin on my shoulders. 

Food cravings?
I'm back to cravings sweets, for better or for worse. Real estate in my stomach is limited, so I can't eat too much at a time. 

Food aversions?
Nope. Back to enjoying all foods as usual! 

Time will tell!  I didn't anticipate how much people would ask me about this since we decided not to find out the sex. But I get it. It's exciting. The kids are anxious to know too.

Obviously. I felt huge at 20 weeks, but things have evened out a bit. I'm plenty big, but feel like I'll probably still get a bit bigger in the next week or so. 

Our new house is slowly but surely getting to a livable state, which is making me feel slightly more optimistic about our ability to handle the baby's impending arrival. The "nursery" is not at all "ready," but our room is only a bit cluttered with boxes/clothes and we know where the Pack 'n Play is.  

Mostly, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for making it this far, and I plan to just try to embrace the last bit of time remaining. This pregnancy has been anything but easy for me (and all those around me!) but it always feels good to overcome a difficult time. Now it's time to face the challenge and excitement of labor!