Today was the day. Willa's first day of kindergarten. 


She went to school full-day last year, too, so I sort of thought this year might not feel so monumental. But it did. There's just something about kindergarten. Being five years old. It's the start of a new chapter and the end of an era. 


Today felt big for all of us. As Willa cried at the breakfast table in her new classroom, and Cam wailed alongside her, a staff member from the school came up to check in with us. She commented that all the tears showed what a close-knit family we are. I liked that perspective.


When it was time for us to leave, Willa took a big breath and told me she wanted to go see her teacher again. I walked her over to her new teacher, who then asked Willa if she wanted to be her helper. She took Willa's hand, and Willa looked at me with a look that said she was going to be okay. I was proud of her for suggesting something that would make her feel better.


Willa's first day hit us all hard. But I know she's strong, brave, and very capable. I can't wait to go pick her up.