our easter treasure hunt

I do not have any pictures of my children in cute Easter outfits (spoiler: we didn't have any Easter outfits), but I do have some fun shots of us decorating eggs and completing an Easter treasure hunt! 

The treasure hunt is a tradition from Dan's childhood. We first did it for Willa two years ago, but then took last year off because we were in Mexico. This year, Cam was old enough to get in on the action, although Willa really carried the team. The clues we made were way too easy for her! I barely have any pictures of the hunt itself because she was too fast. Next year we're going to stump them!

The hunt was pirate-themed of course, because, why not? And Dan made them some awesome pirate explorer hats that they donned all weekend.

There were eggs, too. We decorate them the night before Easter, and charged the Easter Bunny with hiding them. (S)he did a decent job.

And they found the treasure! Paw Patrol figurines and vehicles, an automated train engine, and The Day the Crayons Quit.