summer goals

Our summer started off with a bang.

Right after Willa finished up school, we celebrated her fifth birthday. Then we geared up for our big trip to Iceland. We just got back on Monday. While we were gone, our dog Bryna died. Cam decided up north that he was ready to potty train, so we have that going on, too. (Lots of posts on those life moments coming up in the future. Minus the potty training. Maybe.)

I am overwhelmed with emotions. I'm sad. I'm tired. I'm excited it's summer so I can spend more time with Willa, but spending time with both kids is exhausting. It's really fun, too. And sometimes it's not fun, if I'm being honest. I want to do all the fun summer activities, but did I mention I'm tired? Just cleaning up from lunch has me beat. 

But, clearly, I need to rally a bit. I'm not planning for this summer to be some kind of show stopper where we do every activity on every "bucket list" one can find on the internet. But I'd like to keep busy-ish and have fun. With that in mind, here's my list of "summer goals." I'm not going to get them all accomplished, I know that already. But maybe we'll do most of them. At least some. Trying to be motivated. And trying to be realistic.

Summer 2017 Goals:

  • Go to City Park Jazz at least once.
  • Finally go to Lakeside Amusement park
  • Make a cherry pie
  • Go berry picking (see calendar here)
  • Belleview Park to ride the train, see animals, and play in the stream
  • Go to a splash pad
  • Hit up the fountains at Union Station
  • Go to The Bay Aquatic Center
  • Go camping
  • Check out the Museum of Outdoor Arts in Greenwood Village
  • Trip to the dentist for both kids
  • Dye hair with something very washable
  • Make a lot of mango lassis
  • Go on an overnight mountain adventure & stay in a motel 
  • Visit the sand dunes
  • Make homemade lemonade
  • Play with shaving cream (only once! Too much waste/chemicals.)
  • Make homemade pasta
  • Meet Dan somewhere new for lunch
  • Make baking soda volcanos 
  • Finish Cameron's baby book
  • Create 2016 "family yearbook"
  • Update Willa's school book with preschool stuff
  • Make homemade donuts
  • Go swimming at Big Soda Lake (Bear Creek Reservoir) 

What about you? What are your summer goals? Here's to doing things!