spring break in texas:: the ranch

After our time in Houston, we headed out of the city to our friends' ranch. Prior to this trip, I didn't have a solid picture of The Ranch in my mind. I'd heard our friends mention it fondly several times, and I'd seen a few pictures on Instagram. 

It exceeded all expectations. What a magical place! We spent a delightful two days exploring the blue bonnet fields, watching the horse and cattle, admiring the bull's remarkable stature, eating good food, and laughing. Most importantly, it was supremely relaxing. 

^^we stayed in the "bunk house" which was the original structure on the land. well, dan, cameron and i stayed here. willa slept over with mae in the main house!^^

^^the main house was constructed more recently to be a family gathering place...the kitchen had me swooning and the porch was lovely. i'm feeling relaxed again just looking at the pictures!^^

^^blue bonnets! and, not pictured, willa freaking out after being bitten on the feet by fire ants. we were warned to wear closed-toed shoes but she and i didn't listen...^^

^^caroline had said one of her favorite things to do was to walk down to the pond, so one afternoon we did just that. the kids picked wild flowers on the way, and whined only minimally about the uphill walk back. the aroma in the air from all the flowers and trees was amazing.^^

^^a few more #ranchlife scenes. AND, the grand finale: a group picture with everyone looking at the camera. even the bull.^^