pregnancy, take 3

If you follow me on social media (or if you just plain know me in real life!) then you'll have heard that I'm pregnant. Third go 'round! Somehow, I thought it might be easier this time. Turns out it's not. Hardest first trimester yet, as a matter of fact.

{11.5 weeks}

{11.5 weeks}

To keep my spirits up, and to chronicle this little one in a way I never did with my first two children (sorry guys!), I thought I'd do some cheesy pregnancy updates here on the blog. Even though this is most definitely my last rodeo, I think it's still worthwhile to keep track of things. But if you're not interested, just click the 'X'! Or, I suppose you probably wouldn't have even read this far...

How far along? 
13 weeks 5 days. Each and every day matters!

How big is the baby?
The size of a pea pod...which isn't that easy for me to conceptualize. Or the size of a peach is another reference, but is that a GMO-ed peach? Or a local organic one? I tend to overanalyze. Anyway! The baby is about 3 inches long. 

Total weight gain/loss?
Loss? I've gained somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds. Luckily I've been able to eat mostly healthy foods, but I need to eat every hour or two to keep the nausea at bay, so I'm consuming a lot each day! 

Maternity clothes?
Yes. I invested in these Madewell maternity jeans, and have been wearing them nonstop since they arrived. I got out my box of old maternity clothes, too, but it made me nauseous. Oh, pregnancy associations. 

Been sleeping pretty well. Although I've been taking Unisom a lot for the nausea, so that of course helps. I'm sleeping in much later than I was before being pregnant.

Best moment this week?
Going to the symphony with Dan on Friday night. The tickets were my Christmas present from him but we'd had to reschedule because the day we'd been set to go was the day my eardrum burst (two days after I found out I was pregnant!). My ear is now totally healed and despite it being a little hard for me to sit still for 2 hours, the music was delightful! 

Hunger and nausea. Early in the day I feel ok as long as I eat regularly. Yesterday, I tried to postpone my morning snack and ended up throwing up as a result. By evening I feel pretty nauseous and it gets worse till bedtime. It is slightly better than it was a couple weeks ago, so I'm trying to maintain a bit of optimism...but it's hard. 

Food cravings?
Eating mostly the same things as I ate pre-pregnancy. Definitely craving healthy foods more than I did in either of my other pregnancies. Lots of eggs and citrus. All the grapefruits!

Food aversions?
Super spicy food. Sugar and sweets. Greasy food. At my book club last week I passed on ice cream sundaes, and then last weekend we went to Larkburger I didn't even order fries. Who am I?

We're not going to find out, but based on my nausea, I think it's a boy. I felt awful in the evenings with Cameron too. 

I've been able to watch TV with Dan after the kids go to bed. Is that a milestone? Couldn't do that at all a few weeks ago.

Yep. Gets bigger as the day passes. Definitely bigger earlier with each subsequent pregnancy!