willa styles

When Willa was younger, maybe 2ish, she'd often wake up on the "wrong side of the crib." Mornings were tough. And I don't blame her. I'm not much of a morning person myself. I've just learned it's not socially acceptable to grumble as you're getting dressed. Although I suppose that doesn't always prevent it from happening...

Anyway. Getting Willa dressed was often a struggle. For a long time, she didn't care much what she wore...so one lucky parent would just endure her mood as we got her clothed. But once she started showing some preferences, and just to make our lives easier, we prioritized teaching her to get herself dressed on her own before coming downstairs in the morning. 

The lesson stuck pretty well. So, now, for better or for worse, she usually puts together her outfits. I exert control by removing clothing I don't want her to wear from her drawers, and occasionally I'll insist that she changes or that she wears something specific if we're going somewhere special or that has a certain dress code.

But, mostly, it's all her. Her style. As long as she's within the spectrum of appropriately dressed for the weather and occasion, we go with it.

In case you can't quite gleam her fashion trends, here's my interpretation of how she rolls as a four year old:

  • Pink. Nothing more to say here.
  • Layers. Lots of layers. Tee shirts under dresses. Leggings under dresses, ALWAYS. Socks over pants. Tutus over pajamas.
  • Accessories galore. Headbands. Barrettes in all kinds of places, like clipped to a dress sleeve. Beaded necklaces. Pins. 
  • Interpretation of the occasion. Sometimes loose, sometimes spot on. Cowboy boots for her school farm field trip. "Comfy pants" for dance class. Elsa dress for Halloween. Super hero costume for school spirit day.
  • Messy hair don't care. I try people, I try. Probably not hard enough though. She's always been a bit wild, our Willa.