willa's best night ever

On New Year's Day, Willa woke up two hours later than normal, and was two times crankier than normal at the breakfast table. As she whined and wailed, we joked that she must be a bit hung over. She'd not only stayed up late on New Year's Eve (not midnight-late, but 10pm-late!) but she'd also had pretty much the best night her 2.5 year old self could ever want. There's always a let down when you realize such fun is over, right?


We went over to our friends' house and continued our family tradition of making pizzas (we just started it last year, but at least we're 2 for 2). It's always fun to have an activity on NYE, and pizzas are always a great thing to eat, no?

So, for Willa there was pizza-making (= cheese eating). There was lots of milk to drink. Then there were chocolate chip cookies for dessert. There was lots of playing with her friend Henry and all his awesome toys. There was a viewing of the best movie ever (Frozen), and then there was more toy playing. And she wore not only sparkly shoes but also a sparkly barrette. Plus the staying up late. And dancing too. Like I said: best night ever.

And don't worry. The rest of us had a great night too. Happy New Year!