trick or treat streets

When I was a kid, we went trick or treating once. On Halloween. I have vague memories of it happening on a slightly different night because of how the weekends fell or something, but it was just one day. One big event.


Now, as a parent living in a city, it seems the opportunities to celebrate Halloween are endless. There are all those fall farm activities, events at the aquarium and the zoo and the butterfly pavilion and the...and then most neighborhoods hold a trick or treat street where kids can visit the local businesses. And that's all before Halloween! I'm not being a curmudgeon here -- I figure the more opportunities to rock the costume and to celebrate the better. (However, I do have some concerns about how we'll manage all that candy someday. And I am a bit exhausted from the multiple festivities this weekend.)

We went out both Saturday and Sunday this weekend to trick or treat. It was so fun to watch Willa figure it all out. Last year she barely got it, but did look darn cute in her toucan costume. This year, she was so excited to hit the streets, and you could see her brain whirling as she took everything in. She was a bit timid to approach each person, but after thinking it over, she would often make her way up. She liked having mom or dad hold her hand, but a few times she was brave enough to approach on her own. She more or less got the hang of it. I'd say she's ready for Halloween. Next week.