willa's birthday

We decided not to have a big birthday party for Willa this year. I always love a good party, but we just felt like taking this year off since we'd had lots of other festivities and such going on lately. Her party last year was such fun, but she of course really didn't "get" what was going on. This year, she totally understood that it was a special day. So much so that at moments I thought she looked like her head might explode. We spent her birthday just the three of us; Dan had the morning off which was so nice. We made blueberry pancakes for breakfast and went to Larkburger for lunch. After a much-needed afternoon rest, we had leftovers and birthday cake for dinner (which ended up being perfect because the power went out for several hours!). Willa spent a lot of the day playing with the kitchen Dan and I gave her as her birthday gift. We thought it'd be a toy she'd like, you never know with toys!

Over the weekend, my parents came down to celebrate more, and she was showered with even more fun gifts: a wading pool, pool toys, clothes, and kitchen accessories. More cake was eaten and it was delightful to have family around. Part of me felt badly we didn't "do more," but Willa couldn't have cared less. A good lesson for us all, really: love (and cake!) are pretty much all you need for a wonderful birthday celebration!

^^helping daddy make blueberry pancakes for breakfast. aka eating all the frozen blueberries.^^

^^a beautiful june day!^^

^^milkshake mustache!^^

^^i called this a "rustic" berry cake. the absurd frosting is partly due to not having regular sugar and being too lazy to go to the store, and also because willa helped me frost the cake. it was a real challenge keeping her from eating all the frosting. "i need a little bit," she kept saying!^^

^^yep, there she is eating all the frosting off her piece.^^

^^day two of celebrations: excited and overwhelemed by all the awesome stuff for her new toy kitchen.^^

^^taking her new scooter for a walk / trying it out at the park.^^

^^pizza making / cheese & flour eating^^