"i like that kid."

Today, I rode my bike to the grocery store with Willa on the back. I only needed a few things, so she walked through the store with me, insisting on carrying the basket. Overall, she's a great helper. She likes to put things in the basket, and she'll put things back once I tell her we're not buying them. Occasionally, she wanders. But you know, she's a toddler. That's what they do. Right? Or that's what I tell myself to stay sane, at least. At one point, as we walked by a produce aisle, a man shopping with his partner gasped and said emphatically, "I like that kid!" I said thanks, and, "I do too!" Willa was a there at my feet, smiling, lugging the grocery basket, and wearing her Paul Frank bike helmet. People have said before that she's "cute" etc., but this particular compliment made me feel really good. This guy didn't just think she was cute. He liked her behavior. That meant so much more to me. She's really is such a fun little buddy these days. So kind and sweet and funny. Most of the time.


She talks nonstop. For awhile she said "yack-ies," but slowly it's becoming "socks." She gets really worried when something that's fallen or is out of place: "Uh-oh!"

She's obsessed with helping me cook: "see, see, see!" Her stool isn't good enough, she wants to be held to really see what's going on. She also demands to "help" or "stir" but mostly she wants to snag a handful of whatever it is I'm making, especially if I'm baking!

She's definitely getting more independent and willful. She wants to walk everywhere by herself and don't even try to spoon food into her mouth! She can't yet put many clothes on herself, but she will get her coat and shoes out when she's ready to go outside. And thank goodness the weather is finally getting a tiny bit warmer because she loves to go outside every chance she gets. Usually we have to insist she put on a coat and shoes otherwise she'd just go out into the backyard barefoot and play with water in 50 degrees. Which she does do on occasion.

Her favorite toys these days are stuffed animals and a toy stroller we got from the toy library. She gives everyone rides all day long and loves to cover them up with a blanket. She really likes her train set too: mostly making cars go down a ramp "really fast."

I could go on and on, but mostly I just wanted to write down a few memories to remember this age. Because I really do like this kid of mine.