a quick trip to cali

We spent last weekend in California visiting family and friends and eating lots of great food (Johnny Doughnuts!). It was a quick trip, but always worth it to see loved ones. AND, Willa was a flying champ. She didn't fuss at all on either flight. Just happily played with ice, the earphones, the seatbelt buckle and a few of the toys we brought. I've been on so many flights where I've seen other, calmer children, and I've thought to myself, "why can't W be like that?" This time she was! I was so proud. It made the weekend much more relaxing, and gave me lots of "hey, we got this," confidence. (To surely be shattered sometime in the near future, but that's parenting, no?) We picked up a cold somewhere along the way, so this week has been a bit of a drag, but these sunny pictures make me happy:

^^the ferry bringing our friend CC for a visit!^^

^^it's always great to see old friends.^^

^^so happy on daddy's shoulders^^

^^she kept saying, "wow!"^^

^^learning to skip rocks^^

^^boats! exciting for W, and always nice to look at when you're visiting from land-locked denver.^^