nineteen months

Months are passing, and Willa is quickly approaching her 2nd birthday.


Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Five more months. But still, now that it's 2014, and she's more and more a little girl every day...all parents talk about how fast it goes, how you blink and they're grown up. It's not that so much. For me, it's not the speed. But rather, it's the development. How much she learns each day. How much my love for her grows each and every day. Our little girl. She's amazing.


She loves transferring things from one container to another. It started with water. Then I got sick of stepping in puddles, so I gave her dried beans and pasta. After a few nights of picking up individual beans and elbows off the floor, we went back to water. It's her favorite anyway. "Wa-wa!" she demands as she holds up an empty container.

Like all toddlers, her animal sound repertoire is rapidly expanding. Sheep was her first ("baaaa!") but now she can do a pretty good dog, cow, pig, and cat.

Every day, she gets more vocal about her opinions and desires.

She's still completely obsessed with "muck" (milk).

She recently started walking down the stairs on her own. But usually she still wants to hold your hand.

Elmo has been a key part of her life over the past few months. She talks about him constantly. Thankfully, the interest seems to be waning slightly.

She finally has her two bottom molars.

When I go into her room in the morning, she starts jumping up and down in her crib. It's a delightful way to start the day.

She loves her dog, "BB." And all her people. And we love her. A whole lot.