vintage furniture shopping

The past couple weekends, we've been shopping for used furniture. Vintage. Mid-mod. Old. Whatever you want to call it. It's not-new, local, and pretty much all-around awesome. And finally, FINALLY!, our house is starting to move in the direction of looking furnished.

I don't do well with furniture/decor shopping. It's not that I have a completely terrible sense of style; I just can't pull the trigger. I'll see something I like, but then hem and haw over whether or not it's what we need, and ultimately I'll close my computer or walk out of the store empty handed. Furnishing our house has been slow going.

When we moved in several months ago, we had just a few pieces of furniture to our name. A modular sectional couch. A bed. Willa's crib. A much-loved Ikea chair-and-a-half. We'd been waiting. Waiting until we'd bought a place to buy the "right furniture."  That was an easy cop-out to have random mismatched furniture when we were renting. But now, here we are, finally in that more permanent place and needing to find the "right" pieces for every room. No pressure.

But these past weekends have been extremely successful. When Alli was visiting, she helped me find an awesome dresser/sideboard. Then, on Saturday, my parents were up for a last-minute babysitting session so Dan and I could do some afternoon shopping. (My indecisiveness gets ten times worse when I'm trying to keep Willa from breaking things!) We fell in love with a pair of Harter chairs that ate up most of our allotted funds, so we weren't able to get as many things as we'd planned (lights, coffee tables, and accessories are overrated, right?). But these chairs! Man, we love them. Apparently they are designed to "allow any space to become an impromptu work area." Yep, I'm sitting at one right now.

I am certainly no expert on Denver's vintage offerings, but our recent adventures took us to some awesome places that I thought I'd share. There are surely so many other great places in the area. I can't wait to discover them. Over the next 10 years. Since that's how long it'll be before our house is furnished. But I'm okay with it. It's all part of the adventure.

Red Door Antiques/ 4369 Stuart Street / Denver, CO 80212

Mid-Mod Mall/ 3434 Brighton Blvd / Denver, CO 80216

Garage Vintage / 776 North Santa Fe Drive / Denver, CO 80204

Mid-Mod Vintage / 7174 West 44th Avenue / Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

{cool view from inside mid-mod mall in RiNo}