this week + moments out and about

This week was a lot. It included: getting pooped and puked on, setting the smoke alarms off and the dog running away, an inexpicable follow-up false alarm in the middle of the night, a failed trip to Home Depot (who knew stones for an outdoor fireplace are special order only?), a stollen (missing?) Amazon package, and a cancelled date night related to item #1. But the week also brought: a new rug for our dining area, discovering I can put Willa's hair in ponytails, an awesome morning run with a good friend, caramelized onions, a successful trip to the Toy Library, new jeans from thredUP, several great workouts, and a lovely lunch date with my parents at Stueben's. Amidst all the crazy, I stay sane by getting out of the house. "They" say laughter is the best medicine, and while there's some truth in that, I really think a walk in the fresh air is what does the trick. When things just aren't going my way, I grab Willa's Beco or stroller or her hand and we lock the door behind us to go explore some corner of our neighborhood. Sometimes we get in the car and venture further, but often we just make our way down the alley. Yesterday, we discovered a building being demolished. Earlier this month, we watched Canada "ducks" (geese) at the park for almost an hour. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our recent adventures. They make me smile. Life is good. But I really would like my Amazon package.

{who's in charge?}

{casual weekend afternoon enjoying a Hey PB&J sandwich}

{feeling her first fall leaves underfoot}

{fall outfit + pigtails}

{solo meal of three steaks @ the childrens' musuem}

{pushing her friend to the park + ponytail!}