fifteen months

Willa is 15 months old today.

Her vocabulary is growing everyday, and currently includes: "dog," "hi," "bye bye," "dada," "up," "duck," and sometimes "mama."

Her walking is getting faster and faster. She'll be running soon.

She just recently got over her fear of the bath and now loves playing in water. This week she discovered rain puddles. She thinks stomping in them is pretty great.

She loves making new friends. She often walks up to strangers, stands a few feet away, and just stares until they acknowledge her.

Her eating is a bit erratic, but she most enjoys milk, hummus, avocado, berries, banana, and pears.

She gives a mean "high five."

Her listening comprehension is beyond what we expect sometimes. As soon as you mention going somewhere, she goes to get her shoes and walks to the door.

Sometimes, when I pick her up, she'll put her head on my shoulder to hug/snuggle (finally!).

She loves reading the book "Pat the Bunny" and waving "bye-bye" at the end.

When she senses it's mealtime, she runs over to her highchair, reaches her arms up high, and says "up!"

She's starting to get the hang of one nap, but still gets pretty sleepy right before lunch.

She loves taking heavy items for rides on her Fischer Price bus.

When we walk places, she likes to hold someone's hand. She's usually good about walking where we're going, but she sometimes gets excited to be independent and explore on her own.

She's just starting to give kisses.

She is completely obsessed with dogs. Obsessed.

This age is really fun.