triple crème brie + josh ritter

I ate triple crème brie yesterday and it changed my life. Or at least my picnicking-life. I will never go back to regular brie. Or even double crème brie. I love good food, but I'm also thrifty. I'm not usually cheap, I just like to use my money wisely. I don't like to pay more for something that I could get for less. So when I buy brie at the grocery, I look at which one is the least expensive, or on sale, and that's the one for me. But, yesterday, I went big. I was buying provisions for an evening picnic at the Botanic Gardens for a Josh Ritter concert. Special food was in order. So, despite it's higher price per pound, I carefully picked out a wedge of triple crème brie.

Hours later, Dan and I were relaxing in the grass on a high in the UMB Amphitheater and discovered picnic perfection:

triple crème brie + Dalmatia fig spread + a baguette + white wine

Now, I recognize that this isn't exactly revolutionary. Everyone who reads this blog has enjoyed some brie and fig spread on bread washed down with wine. But, I must ask, was it triple crème? Because having at least 75% butterfat content can be pretty important when you're dining outdoors. For example, last night, an hour after we finished our picnic, when the skies opened up and poured rain for the entire concert, we were pretty pleased to have bellies full of that much fatty goodness.


The rain was the bummer of the evening. The highlights were the brie, the vintage French white wine we brought, and Josh Ritter's always fantastic music. I highly recommend all of the above. Rain or shine.

My Favorite Josh Ritter songs:
Me & Jiggs
Girl in the War
To the Dogs or Whoever
Mind's Eye
Joy to You Baby