When we were packing up to move from Seattle to Denver, we, like most moving are apt to do, tried to streamline our belongings. For a variety of reasons, I really wanted to get rid of our Sausalito dinnerware from Pottery Barn. (I couldn't recommend it less. Chips! Scratches! Too big!) I was able to restrain myself enough that we didn't end up plateless upon arrival in Colorado, but I did get rid of several plates and mugs. For our wedding, I registered for 12 place settings, which was all well and good, but who the heck needs 12 mugs? I mean, seriously? Since we of course have plenty of other mugs from colleges, jobs, and all those other random places you pick up free mugs. In a moment of frustration, packing up our 20th "kitchen" box, I proclaimed, "the only reason you need this many matching mugs is if you host a lot of brunches, and we never have any one over for brunch!" In that moment of decisiveness, I threw out most of our mugs. (Er, I put them on the side of our busy 4-lane road under a "free" sign, and they were gone in less than 5 minutes.) The past two weekends, we've hosted brunch. Apparently, when you have kids, brunch is great. The little ones are rested. Smiley! (And also, Denver seems to be all about brunching. Every restaurant serves brunch. Reservations are accepted!) Thankfully, I was able to pull together 4 Sausilito mugs so we could all enjoy coffee in a mature, matching fashion. But if we have more than 4 coffee drinkers over, I may be doomed. Or it might just be time to spring for the white dinnerware after which I've been lusting for years.

No matter what your mug situation, I recommend hosting a brunch sometime. There's no better way to start a weekend morning than by enjoying coffee and breakfast treats with friends. And smiley kids.

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