On Saturday, March 10, at approximately 1:30pm, I was the most surprised I have ever been in my entire life. After meeting my friend Brenna for a morning matinee of John Carter at Pacific Place, we hurried home because Dan had to get to a work obligation. Brenna opted to come back to my place, to see my new stroller, a generous gift from my parents, that had just arrived. I was blabbing about the lack of good driving routes between downtown and our house, when Dan unlocked our front door to an enthusiastic "SURPRISE!" The living room was full of beautiful ladies: my sister from Ohio, Alli from Minnesota, my mother and mother-in-law, and numerous friendly faces from Seattle!

As if the presence of family and friends wasn't wonderful enough, they had turned my house into a beautiful baby shower in just hours (thank goodness I'd vacuumed the day before!). There were fresh flowers and candles all around, an awesome "Welcome Baby" sign, and delightful food and beverages galore. Amidst my shock and awe, someone handed me a delicious mocktail of sparkling pear and pomegranate juice with fresh blueberries and raspberries, and before I knew what was happening we were grabbing plates for lunch. My savvy pals knew just how to please: the food was from Volunteer Park Cafe. Pastries galore, quiche, prosciutto and arugula on baguettes, pulled pork sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese, and fantastic homemade cupcakes thanks to Gina!

The company and food was enough to make a fantastic party, but before I could even eat a cupcake, I found myself in a chair being showered--literally--by gifts. The generosity of so many made me feel incredibly loved; there are no words to adequately thank everyone. From clothes to bottles to books, the future little baby is already spoiled! And the ladies really thought of everything: there was a fun "price is right" game, a Dr. Seuss guestbook, thoughtful note cards with parenting advice, and they even gave out mason jars of my müesli as party favors!

Three weeks later, I'm still in disbelief at all the love and thought that so many people put into pulling off this event for me. It was pretty much the greatest party of all time. Thank you all!